My new kitten, Lune, he’s a Maine coon x Ragdoll and is deaf

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having flashbacks of being in a group chat with u people and having the whole thing suddenly be about warriors and “”FP”” and horses later on

sorry about all the texts btw 

kittensugar macalamae before my time

end my life

LOL!!! remember when kelby was trying to have coalwhatever and firestorm both be the dad of ur cat and i flipped out on her and told her she was crazy even though technically that is possible irl i guess

she came out of nowhere dude


she scared me i dont even care. ripefruit :///

OMG lol i was replying to lizas original post. but im p sure we all had a power trip at one point in hc/fp time because we were ~admins~ of a warriors form LOL

do u remember how literally psycho everyone was. remember when i was a leader and my cat died so i didnt get on for a week and coaly was like SHE DOESNT DESERVE THIS I WILL BE THE NEW LEADER!!!

macalamae replied to your post: bleunicorn: macalamae replied to your…

i tried to do stuff before that!!! like when fernclan was still a thing. but by that point i was so lazy i really didn’t do anything except like be mean to kelby sometimes i guess because i’m p sure that’s when i didn’t like her lmfao

i was jk its ok rs !!!!!! me and liza were so strict 4 literally no reason. p sure rose is the only one who had faith in us





last year it was real bad because i was at kristines house and i gave all 10,000 of her cats warrior names and backstories and at that point i was joking but by the time i was leaving her house i had joined a roleplaying forum with…

no lol im 2 lazy :-//